In case you’ve never heard of Mr. Tayto, let me give you some context. He is to Ireland what Mickey Mouse is to the USA and what Asterix is to France. So the idea of him opening his own theme park was rather big news.

Tayto Park, as it is known, opened its gates in 2010. It has continued to grow ever since, both in popularity and in scope, making it one of Ireland’s most popular visitor attractions within a couple of years of its opening.

My task was to create a brand identity that captured the fun and excitement of a visit to Tayto Park, with its many attractions that include Europe’s largest wooden roller coaster, an unforgettable Viking-themed flume ride, a zoo and much more. The branding was also key to generating support and interest in all of Tayto’s snack products nationwide.

Working in my previous company, AMP Visual, I produced a huge collection of work, ranging from advertising (print and online), to stationery, site maps, menus, brochures, signage and merchandising.

Today, Tayto Park is one of Ireland’s most recognised leisure brands and one of the country’s most popular visitor attractions. By 2017 visitor numbers had reached 735,000 and continue to grow steadily.



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