One of my favourite parts of the job is designing posters, it always has been. From a very young age, I remember waking up in the morning and staring up at my ‘Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom’ poster. It fascinated me, it fuelled my imagination, it made me feel like I was part of that epic adventure.

As I grew older and more analytical, I asked myself what it is about posters that captures my imagination. I think it’s the purity of the communication. You have just one shot at grabbing the person’s attention and holding it long enough to convey your message and have it remembered. No other medium is so pure and whether you print it, project it or upload it, the same disciplines apply.

Below is a selection of some posters I’ve designed over the years. Some are simple, some are Photoshop/After Effects manipulated monsters, but each one tells a story.

After you’ve viewed this gallery, you can check out some of my photo retouching and effects samples here!


If you have a project in mind and you think I may suit, drop me a line, I’d love to chat.