I’m Gary Kelly, an Irish graphic designer and art director living in Paris.

From a very early age, I knew I was going to be a designer. My dad was a designer and it just seemed natural that I would do the same. I loved to visit his studio, the smell of 'Spray Mount' adhesive, and toxic solvents always present. His desk brimming with markers, pencils, pens, scalpels (bandaid wrappers), steel rulers, tracing paper, sketch pads, all atop a coffee-stained, sticky, rubber cutting mat. And of course, not forgetting the obligatory cigarette ash.

I began my career in a dusty old print shop, designing budget holiday catalogues, working on an Apple Power PC with 500mb drive and 8mb of RAM... a real beast!

Since then I’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands … and bands, as it happens! U2, The Script, Leonard Cohen, Harper Collins Publishing, Sony Music, Universal Music, Firebrand Live, BalconyTV, Columbia Records, Largo Foods, Tayto Park (theme park), River Dance, The Abbey Theatre and many more.

I’m very lucky to have cut my teeth on music branding because I believe the need for originality and versatility is unlike that of any other design sector. This discipline has served me well across the entertainment and cultural, leisure and food & beverage sectors.

I enjoy making something out of nothing, making the complex clear and transforming the ordinary into the exceptional. I believe design is both collaboration and communication. I collaborate with my clients and together we communicate with our audience. But I never lose sight of the fact that design has a job to do – and if it’s not doing that job, it’s not paying its way!


Art Direction
Brand Consulting
Logo Design
Business Stationary

Book Design
Editorial Design
Brochure Design
Marketing Collateral

Music Album Design
T-Shirts & Merchandise
Poster Design

Environmental Graphics
Interior Exterior Signage
Web & Social Media Design